Of Durians and Aphids
July 22, 2015

The Star today published and corrected a list of questions with glaring grammatical errors from a Form 3 Science workbook. I find that a bit smug and I think they should’ve tried to answer the questions first before judging. Here’s my attempt.

Q: A weightlifter spreads out and bents his feet when lifting a heavy load. Explain the advantages of this action.
A: The weightlifter is in a better position to act injured and get another person to lift the heavy load.

Q: Pak Ridzuan is a ‘keris’ maker. He shapes the iron plates to form a ‘keris’. What is the characteristics of the iron plate that makes it can be shaped into a ‘keris’?
A: The iron plate must be willing to change.

Q: Give examples of devices that stored gas under high pressure.
A: My intestines.

Q: Why the dropper cannot suck the water?
A: Because the dropper doesn’t like the water.

Q: A solution can be classified as acid, alkali or neutral based on its chemical properties. This properties can be determined using a pH indicator.
A: These is not a question.

Q: Pak Samad’s durian and rambutan orchard is invaded by aphids. Based on your opinion, what action will be taken by Pak Samad to solve his problem? Clarify your answer.
A: Pak Samad will borrow Pak Ridzuan’s ‘keris’ to open his durians and forget about the aphids.


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