The Fastest Two Years of My Life
February 25, 2017

This frame is from a video I made three years ago. It was for my MBA application, and watching it again reminds me of how eager and determined I was about going back to school. Which is funny because the vow I made to myself after finishing college, apart from getting a haircut, was to never set foot into a classroom again. I guess I was wrong.

The past two years as an MBA candidate have been quite enlightening in terms of self-discovery. I never knew I could enjoy learning as much. And I don’t think anyone else did, either. Credit to my parents for not laughing when I told them I wanted to pursue postgraduate studies. Maybe they didn’t want to hurt my feelings. I had a better chance at winning Miss Malaysia, really.

Education is such a different process when it’s driven by personal motivation. Assignments become much less of a chore, and readings make more sense when you have some work experience. At the tender age of 33, I was re-discovering the joy of learning. And I am grateful for that -- better late than never, I suppose. Although I do wonder how life would have turned out if I had this much drive in college.

As an engineering undergraduate, I often question if I will ever need stuff like object-oriented programming in the future. This was compounded by the fact that I was never good with subjects that require the left side of my brain. (Or is it right?) At least in business school, you know some of the lessons can come in handy when you argue with the people from Finance at work someday. If you can’t beat them, confuse them.

In May, subject to outstanding library fines, I will be making my second walk as a graduate. These past two years have certainly been the fastest in my life. Everything seems to have been sped up, somehow. They say time flies when you’re having fun. Maybe I was having fun. That’s right… school is now fun. What have I become.


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