The Joy of Refrigerated Commuting
March 22, 2017

Earlier this year, after 10 years of driving to work, I started taking the train. The existing line was extended to include a new station in my neighbourhood, so I thought I’d give it a try. It saves time and money, for starters. And I’ve had enough of getting stuck in KL traffic anyway. The time has come for me to get stuck in the LRT.

Here are three things that I’ve learned so far…

1. Bring a winter coat (and paracetamol)

Malaysians love air-conditioning. Living in tropical weather and unforgiving heat, we have survived evolution by developing the ability to seek shelter in air-conditioned areas e.g. the mall. Our national car, Proton, is renowned for the power of its air-conditioning and the lack of power of its power window.

The LRT train, however, brings it up a notch by providing industrial grade air-conditioning system capable of generating a mild Himalayan blizzard. Which is fine when the temperature outside is not 34 centigrade. Three days of these fluctuations and you’re at the doctor’s in no time. I am happy to report that after three months, my body has now acclimatised to this climate change.

2. There’s so much to do

My train journey to the workplace takes about 30 minutes. And if there’s one thing that I cherish about taking the train is the amount of things I could do to fill up this half an hour. Back when I was driving to work, I was stuck with radio ads with Adele songs in between. Now I can listen to podcasts, read a book, or catch up on some sleep on the commute to work.

It does make me wonder if I would be more enlightened today had I spent the past decade taking the train to work. Imagine the amount of knowledge I could’ve gained in my daily trips to and from the office. Heck I could’ve learned a new language by now. Ten years of driving in KL and all I learned was cursing in four languages.

3. People still play Pokemon Go!



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